Managed Dedicated Hosting

The power of your IT infrastructure is directly correlated to the speed and performance of your business. Zsquare’s Managed Dedicated hosting service delivers the raw horse power of bare metal servers bundled with a complete suite of infrastructure services. Zsquare’s high-end dedicated server offering, provides screaming fast single, dual and quad core Xeon-based performance with larger configurations of RAM and SAS/SSD disks. The service provides a powerful configuration for your high-load, performance-dependent, mission-critical online requirements.

The dedicated hosting service delivers the pure integrated performance of the latest silicon technologies, bundled with an assurance of reliability, and gives you freedom from security threats and compliance hassles.

Managed dedicated hosting is a complete suite of services including the latest Server platforms, hosting, Ethernet bandwidth, Operating system, antivirus, public IPs and monitoring services. This is further augmented by a wide range of of add-ons. The entire service suite is offered on an OPEX model.


  • No need to invest Upfront on Hardware and software so reduces operating expenses with competitive Monthly Rentals

99.92% SLA

  • Faster Turnaround Time with proven uptime and availability in Industry


  • Customer can add servers as and when required in existing setup also existing server can be upgraded.


  • Convenience to choose and bundle it with wide range of Plug-n-Play Managed services and dedicated offerings by Zsquare, it is all customizable giving a One Stop solution

Faster Deployment

  • With equal efforts from concerned stakeholders and good alliances with the OEM’s we assure faster go live of customer setup versus traditional approach of hosting In-house

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