Hybrid Cloud

To support a fast-changing business environment, enterprises today cannot rely solely on their legacy IT environment. Very soon, they will not only have to manage a wide variety of dynamic workloads, but also need to gear up for future business needs. They will need to find the right mix of physical infrastructure and cloud deployment options that helps them meet performance needs and also build business agility.

Enter HybriCloud, our proven approach to building an agile and future-ready Hybrid IT environment. Backed by strong cloud infrastructure expertise, a comprehensive and integrated suite of Hybrid IT offerings and strong understanding of workloads, we help organizations leverage the flexible scalability of public clouds, along with the security and control of your own private infrastructure.

Using HybriCloud, you can create a highly optimized IT environment, where you can use your own physical infrastructure (private cloud) or a virtual private cloud for mission-critical applications and push non-critical data and applications to the public cloud. You have the flexibility to use a mix of multiple cloud models, private, hosted or public, based on your varying security, compliance, scalability and performance needs.


  • Zsquaresupports a wide selection of Hypervisor platforms - Citrix, VMWare, KVM, Hyper V and PVC. When you need a Private Cloud deployment fast, Zsquareis your provider.

Business Optimized

  • Strong analysis of business and IT objectives and mission critical needs to build optimal hybrid IT environment.
  • Higher security and performance options for mission critical or sensitive workloads.
  • Tighter control over organizational policy and IT governance framework.
  • Ability to use different cloud models e.g. public, private, hosted for different applications as required


  • Use the Scheduler to start or stop your VMs and schedule upgrades.


  • Strong SLAs covering redundancy, durability and availability.
  • Comprehensive suite of managed services.
  • Best in class technologies for cloud-bursting and server load-balancing.

Seamlessly Scalable

  • Seamless integration of private and public cloud infrastructure.
  • Flexible integration and cloud resource provisioning on the fly.
  • Option of setting up virtual private cloud (VPC) for performance and scalability.

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