Managed Storage Services

No matter what type of business you’re in, you need reliable storage, data protection and data recovery you can count on. Today’s block and file storage technologies, combined with multiple data protection features, are complex.

Zsquare’s Managed Storage Services turns our engineers into your storage administrators, freeing your staff to focus on strategic initiatives. Our team provides the expertise and management while you stay in complete control of your data.

Tiered Secure Storage

Secure Storage-as-a-Service with Guaranteed IOPS
  • Enterprises often have to walk a fine line between storing data cost-effectively, ensuring adequate capacity and maintaining QoS for high performance applications. Also, applications’ workloads and IOPS requirements vary greatly, making it even more difficult for traditional storage models to guarantee performance. For example, you may need low IOPS on the web tier but high IOPS on the database.
  • Zsquare Tiered Secure Storage service helps you bridge the gap between cost, capacity and performance. This is a massively scalable storage offering on Enterprise Grade cloud infrastructure that ensures optimal read-write performance for your applications, while maintaining complete end-to-end security.

Managed Storage Service Offerings:

  • Service delivered remotely from Zsquare’sNetwork Operations Center (NOC)
  • Hybrid options to provide on-site administration
  • 24x7 enhanced incident management
  • Vendor call management
  • Full lifecycle management of incidents on customer’s behalf
  • Monitoring and action on service bulletins
  • Configuration & change management
  • Performance monitoring, management & tuning
  • Capacity trending & forecast reporting
  • Capacity planning to support budgeting & acquisition efforts
  • Storage Provisioning
  • FC SAN cabling, zoning & administration

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