Storage and Backup

Zsquare storage and backup services give you the unbeatable support and comfort. Our comprehensive range of data storage and data backup solutions are designed to provide comprehensive protection to your critical business assets.

Secure Tiered Storage

  • Secure Storage-as-a-Service with Guaranteed IOPS.
  • Enterprises often have to walk a fine line between storing data cost-effectively, ensuring adequate capacity and maintaining QoS for high performance applications. Also, applications’ workloads and IOPS requirements vary greatly, making it even more difficult for traditional storage models to guarantee performance. For example, you may need low IOPS on the web tier but high IOPS on the database.
  • Zsquare Secure Tiered Storage service helps you bridge the gap between cost, capacity and performance. This is a massively scalable storage offering on Enterprise Grade cloud infrastructure that ensures optimal read-write performance for your applications, while maintaining complete end-to-end security.

Object Storage

  • Designed specifically for very large file sizes (such as audio or video files), ZsquareDrive is a highly redundant, massively scalable, widely distributed and secured object storage solution delivered over the internet using familiar web browsers. ZsquareDrive allows you to upload, move or download any amount of data from your end point devices to secured containers.
  • ZsquareDrive is architected using OpenStack Swift and is hosted inside Zsquare’s own Tier III data centers. It is a highly cost effective solution built using Enterprise Grade servers, storage and networking equipment, ensuring quality service, data durability and extremely high availability.
  • By using ZsquareDrive, you can minimize the risk of cost overruns due to underutilization or ad-hoc purchases of expensive hardware in an emergency upgrade situation.

Backup Services

  • In an era of digital convergence and hyper connectivity, data has become a strategic asset. The need to protect sensitive business information has become more critical than ever before. Needless to say, effectively securing business data means that you need a robust backup and recovery system. Our ZsquareVault service is a cloud-based Data Protection Service which allows you to backup critical data and make it available on-demand as required by the business.
  • Our ZsquareVault service provides you with complete control over your data, allowing you to secure it as per your specific requirement. The service effectively manages all available data types, including structured and unstructured workloads.

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